"We have spent more than a decade democratizing lending and making it accessible to financial institutions of all sizes."

Nayan Ambali, CEO | Finflux


Our Vision

To create affordable and equitable financial access to individuals and businesses around the world.


Our Mission

Offer a wide range of affordable, simple to use financial technology products that enable financial institutions to serve 100 million customers.

Finflux Manifesto

We want to build a world where every individual and every business has equitable access to the financial services they deserve. With the inclusion of technology, we attempt to deepen and reach the goal of making the financial products and services accessible and affordable to all individuals and businesses, irrespective of their net worth or revenue (“financial inclusion”)." Every loan has a story, a story of an individual or enterprise trying to realize their true potential. Money borrowed is a stepping stone for somebody to get closer to their ambitions. No loan is big, small, or tiny. When done in the right manner, lending can transform the lives of individuals and their families, communities around them, entrepreneurs, small businesses, agriculture, and as a whole, the economy.

The business of lending is the business of economically empowering people with suitable financial intermediation. We believe great software should work with minimal setup, so financial institutions can help the underserved and thin-file customers achieve their dreams.

Finflux embodies a rare combination of deep domain and technology. We develop our products with the goal to include the financially excluded people or businesses around the world, to help them grow. The democratization of financing is also an opportunity for truly innovative ideas to sustain, benefiting both consumers and the industry. Leaps in technological innovation in cloud computing, AI/ML, evolving fintech ecosystem, payment innovations, and mobile prevalence are powerful democratizing factors in the lending business. These factors allow institutions to scale processes more swiftly than ever before and diminish barriers like infrastructure or cost or outreach. Even lean startups can deliver personalized experiences and exceptional customer service to build deep customer relationships. The apex purpose is not to improve business performance; it must enhance people's lives in sustainable ways. That must be the democratic state of lending. That is the real promise of Finflux we stand for.

Finflux Lending Cloud

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