Finflux Leadership Team


Nayan Ambali

CEO and Founder

Nayan is on a mission to serve 100 million borrowers on Finflux platform. Nayan is the masterchef for all things Finflux. He is passionate about cooking delicious meals and building the future of financial inclusion from India to the world.


Ashok Auty

Chief Customer Success Officer & Co-Founder

Ashok leads value delivery at Finflux. Ashok and his band on-board support and manage clients. Ashok is responsible for client success and retention. Most of his waking time, you can hear Ashok chanting the words ‘Value’ and ‘Success’.


Dhirendra Pratap

Chief Technology Officer

Dhiru is a technical magician and is helping Finflux platform be simple, secure, scalable and compliant. While not coding you can find Dhiru on his bicycle. Dhiru holds a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Madras (Chennai).


Kannan AK

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Kannan leads business development and market expansion. Kannan is responsible for nurturing and building relationships with financial institutions(its leaders). He is also lovingly known as Mr. Point of View. Kannan is a computer engineer and has an executive MBA from IIM-Bengaluru.


Pramod Nuthakki

Chief Architect

Pramod’s last name can easily be replaced by the word Algorithms. He loves solving the most complex financial problems through his technical skills. Before helping Finflux, Pramod built Mifos (Period).


Goutham Raj Balagoni

Associate Vice President - Product & Solution Engineering

Goutham blends technology and business for Finflux customers. Goutham brings his rich lending experience working in rural India to empathize and solve clients everyday problems. He holds a MBA degree from IIM Amritsar.


Vinod Kumar Manik

QA Lead

Vinod means Quality and Release management. Vinod lives and breathes quality, his process discipline has helped Finflux improve product quality and stability several fold. Vinod has Masters degree from Bangalore University.


Ramya BN

Lead Finance and Accounts

Ramya leads all things finance for Finflux. She keeps the lights on for Finflux by managing accounts receivables, payables, payroll and auditing. Ramya holds a MBA degree in Finance.


Sughosh Bharadwaj

Lead, Cloud Infrastructure

Sughosh is a pioneer in cloud computing.He is responsible for providing solutions on hosting infrastructure on cloud as well as On Premises.Sughosh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Bangalore University.


Sampath Kumar G

Lead, Data Engineering

Sampath leads the Data engineering team. His team is focused on all things 'data', from building scalable and reliable data pipelines, optimizing data retrieval to generating valuable insights using data. Sampath holds a B.E degree from T. John Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.


Shailvey Gupta

Project Manager

Shailvey leads new customer onboarding for Finflux. Her go-getter attitude motivates her team to deliver even the most difficult projects on time. She holds an MBA Degree from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore .


Madhukar Lingala

Lead Software Engineer

Madhukar is a Lead Software Engineer. He strongly believes in doing exceptional work, building the best product, paying attention to the details, and learning. He has a photographic memory and can remember the smallest detail of a movie scene.


Vamshi krishna Putta

Lead Software Engineer

Vamshi believes in doing it right the first time, Vamshi is passionate about building useful solutions to the Finflux customers, which are delivered in a timely manner. Vamshi holds a BTech degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from UVCE, Bangalore.


Thanay G N

Associate Project Manager

Thanay manages the solution engineering team. He and his team are committed to service excellence and address the most pressing issues facing finflux users. Thanay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.

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