Better Lending. At Your Fingertips.

Lending just got a lot better with LoanBook.


Organize & Streamline Your Day.

Leverage an organized view of your entire day, right from clients interactions to collections due.

  • Intuitive & simple dashboard

  • Seamless navigation to centre meetings

  • One-click borrower reminders & updates


Meet Borrowers At Their Convenience.

Travelling to meet a client? Create & qualify leads everywhere & anywhere at the touch of a button.

  • Designed for mobility & engineered for scale

  • Seamless on-boarding & lead verification

  • Easy-to-use & simple interface

Track Your Applications. On The Go.

Effortlessly track, organize & manage all your leads from a single dashboard.

  • Instant notifications for borrower follow-up

  • Holistic snapshot of borrower journey

  • Single view of application & documents uploaded


Increased Flexibility & Power

Access key borrower details, track repayment progress and send reminders for timely payments.

  • Connect & track your borrower’s repayment journey

  • Effortlessly navigate to collection points

  • Integrate & sync in real-time across systems

Verify & Manage. On the Move.

Collect & verify loan documents, review loan offer letters and take the final call while on the move.

  • Holistic view of your entire loan pipeline

  • All loan documents segregated, categorized & labelled

  • One-click borrower eligibility check

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you need to know about LoanBook

LoanBook is a mobile application available on the Google PlayStore which empowers your loan officers to seamlessly manage all their client meetings, collect client documents, verify their eligibility, extend loan offer letters and lastly, collect payments from them, all from the comfort of their mobile screen.

With LoanBook, not only will you benefit from the extended mobility of your loan officers, but also from faster collections, higher client retention and most importantly, faster approval and disbursement of loans.

LoanBook is an android mobile application which works by integrating with your existing architecture and extending core functionality of your lending value chain to your field officers. By offering increased mobility, LoanBook empowers your field executives to capture clients faster and serve them better.

In this day and age, everything is mobile, and so should be your lending value chain. By equipping your loan officers with an advanced and intuitive application like LoanBook, you empower them to onboard and maintain clients more efficiently, resulting in a better bottom line for your business.

Finflux’s LoanBook comes equipped with a host of different features right out of the box, starting from seamless tracking of borrower journey and a single view of all their uploaded documents to a holistic view of your loan officer’s entire schedule and one-click collection confirmations.

Similar to other components in the Finflux lending suite, LoanBook is available on a subscription basis, and you do not need to purchase the entire suite for accessing the same.

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