Loan Origination System. Reimagined.

Designed to help you on-board clients faster & serve them better.


Trusted by 60+ leading global fintech organizations, our loan origination system has got you covered.


Accurately visualize your entire lending value chain.


Get an up-to-date, single dashboard and real-time view of your entire loan origination process.

  • 360° view of all loan applications
  • Holistic view of entire customer journey
  • Centralized lead generation platform

Onboard borrowers faster with a fully automated loan origination system.

Leverage state of the art automation and identify borrower needs to onboard and service clients faster.

  • Built in credit scoring
  • Robust business rule engine
  • Holistic integration with third party credit risk vendors

Leverage complete flexibility to introduce new products faster.


Acquire a greater transparency into your organization and customer journeys to bridge gaps, and introduce new products faster

  • Customizable workflows to meet your exact needs
  • Advanced STP process engine
  • One click CART and CRAM analysis

Reimagine and take control of your lending value chain today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A loan origination system is a business solution which seamlessly integrates with your backend operations & automates your entire loan origination process, helping you discover leads faster & serve them better.

A loan origination system works by aggregating all your data across departments and empowering you with a holistic view of your entire business.

By seamlessly integrating with your existing backend operations and automating regular tasks, a loan origination system helps you on-board clients faster & discover untapped revenue sources.

Finflux’s loan origination system arrives with a host of benefits right out of the box, starting with a centralized lead generation platform all the way to one-click CART & CRAM analysis.

Finflux’s loan origination system arrives with a subscription-based pricing model similar to the entire Finflux lending suite, and you have the option of paying per user. Please check here for more details

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