Future Proof Your Liability Management

Transform & expertly manage your asset & liability risks of today & tomorrow.


Integrated & Comprehensive Solution

Leverage an extensive catalogue of tools to strengthen your risk management approach.

  • Granularity & true data integrity via comprehensive data management

  • DIY configurations & self-service workbench

  • Extensive stress testing & robust OOTB reporting


Engineered for Resilience

Harness the power of a liability management system designed for interoperability, modularity & granularity.

  • Omnichannel & robust backend integrations

  • Cloud-native & future-ready solution

  • Host agnostic & integrated data repositories

Designed for Agility

Effortlessly maintain holistic compliance with speed & at scale.

  • Functional scalability via DIY workbenches

  • One-click view of ALM parameters

  • Comprehensive & end-to-end customized reporting engine


Simplified & Strategic Management of Liabilities

Go beyond standard compliance requirements & strategically maintain your liabilities.

  • Real-time & unified view of balance sheets

  • One-click advanced forecasting & optimized liquidity

  • In-built library of extensive stress scenarios

Empower Your Team Beyond Standard Compliance

Aggregate your data across solutions & create a holistic view of your team’s risks & opportunities.

  • Connected data & integrations to drive efficiency

  • Leverage versatility & transform your assumptions into decisions

  • Easy to navigate single window operations

Gain a 360º view of your organization’s risks &
opportunities while satisfying regulatory requirements.


Everything you need to know about our Liability Management System.

A liability management system helps you aggregate data across multiple solutions, automate tasks & streamline the process of discovering opportunities & managing risks.

A liability management system can help you achieve holistic compliance & empower your team to drive efficiency & transform assumptions into decisions.

A liability management system works by automating your tasks, keeping you up to date on changing interest rates, segregating data across solutions & ensuring holistic compliance.

The Finflux liability management system arrives with a host of various features, right from functional scalability & end to end customization to omnichannel integrations & real-time view of your on/off-balance sheets.

Finflux offers a subscription-based pricing model, meaning you will only pay for the features you use & the number of users you host.

Finflux Lending Cloud

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