Banking APIs. Redefined.

Leverage HubEx to facilitate faster & accurate bank integrations in minutes.


Experience the HubEx Advantage.

Leverage a no-code platform to effortlessly connect with your banking partners in a breeze.

  • No-code platform built for everyone & anyone.

  • Deploy once & transact forever

  • Faster turnaround & low cost of ownership


Secure Integration. Guaranteed.

Harness the prowess of industry-grade secure encryption to seamlessly manage payments & reconciliations.

  • Inbuilt industry-grade encryption algorithms

  • One-click session management across platforms

  • Holistic AES-256 bit encryption

Build, Integrate & Manage. At Scale.

Orchestrate your APIs to build, integrate & manage all your exact needs across platforms & partners.

  • One-click trace & monitoring of all API integrations

  • Detailed API audit logs

  • Seamless creation of microservices & events


Disburse Loans Faster & In a Breeze.

Take advantage of ongoing integrations to disburse loans faster right from your partner accounts at the click of a button.

  • Swift disbursement via a number of banking APIs

  • Real-time monitoring & transfer of funds

  • Holistic & seamless disbursements

Automate Your Payments & Increase Your Revenue.

Streamline your collections process & reconcile payments faster across customers & banking partners.

  • Recurring mandates for ontime repayments

  • Streamlined collections for higher revenues

  • Conversational banking & increased customer retention


Complete Customization. For Your Exact Needs.

Customize HubEx to meet your exact needs & design customer centric lending solutions like never before.

  • Seamlessly launch BNPL & conversational lending platforms

  • Leverage embedded & SME financing modules

  • Design neobanks for the customers of tomorrow

Disburse Loans Faster & Leverage On-Time Repayments.

Make HubEx Your Own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you need to know about HubEx

HubEx is an intuitive banking API (Application Programming Interface) which helps you seamlessly connect with partner banks resulting in faster disbursements & repayments.

HubEx works by integrating with your existing backend architecture, followed by assisting you in onboarding your banking partner of choice to your platform. Following this, HubEx allows you to disburse loan amounts directly from your loan management system at the click of a button.

An API is a computer algorithm which facilitates the seamless communication between two systems for instantaneous functionality & real-time updates, for instance, HubEx, which is a banking API.

HubEx can not only help you disburse loan amounts faster from within your existing architecture but also collect repayments faster, thus contributing to higher revenues.

As a lending institution, if you want to increase the speed of your disbursement and reconciliations while maintaining a low cost of ownership & a no-code platform, HubEx is the right choice for you.

No, at Finflux, we offer a subscription-based solution, & thus you will only pay for the solutions you use & not the entire lending suite.

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