Business Decisions. Amplified & Accelerated.

Intelligently arrive at key business decisions with Finflux’s advanced BRE system.


Modern Business Rule Engine. For Modern Decision-Makers.

Arrive at business decisions faster & with higher accuracy.

  • No-code/low-code cross functional platform

  • Graphical rule models & decision tables

  • Increased agility & quicker deployments


Streamline Changes. Visually.

Leverage our advanced & intuitive graphic interface to model & maintain business rules as per your exact needs.

  • Drag & drop builder for seamless modelling

  • Integrated simulator & test editor

  • One-click report generation

Accurate Decisions. In Under a Minute.

Stay true to your cause & arrive at accurate & actionable decisions in under a minute.

  • Easy to use & simple interface

  • Robust decision making in under a minute

  • End to end customized & configurable UI


Cutting Edge Performance. Delivered.

Harness the power of a cutting edge BRE to seamlessly automate rule executions across your organization.

  • Cross-platform & back end integration

  • Centralized storage of active, paused & archived business rules

  • One-click batch processing & audit proofs

Everything You Need. Packaged in One Platform.

Take advantage of a holistic platform engineered for resilience & designed to help you succeed at every crossroad.

  • Built-in financial models

  • One-click multi-tier scorecards & custom risk scoring

  • Low latency & designed for scale + agility


Make the Finflux BRE Your Own.

Maximize the power of complete customization combined with intuitive out of the box features to make BRE your own.

  • Configurable loan portfolio rules for real-time risk notifications

  • One click simulations for accurate estimations

  • Holistic rule optimization & intelligent parameters

Cut Your Decision Time to Minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything you need to know about BRE

A business rule engine is a software application which takes into account a host of different factors & parameters to help you arrive at a complicated business decision in minutes. By accepting inputs from a multitude of sources, the business rule engine makes it easier for you to accurately arrive at actionable business decisions.

A business rule engine works by integrating with the backend of your organization such that it can access a host of different datasets & parameters at the same time, automatically execute pre-programmed business rules & accurately arrive at key business decisions in minutes.

All softwares are not made equal, & thus you need to keep your exact business needs at heart while choosing a business rule engine. Ideally speaking, a good business rule engine should share the following features: fast & accurate performance, multiple interfaces for simultaneous operations, consistent performance & above all, the ability to accurately simulate & forecast outcomes.

If you are in the business of consistently collecting varied data sets & analyzing them to arrive at key business decisions, then a business rule engine is perfect for you. For instance, if you are a lending institution which consistently performs credit & compliance checks on customers for assessing their creditworthiness, a business rule engine will help you facilitate faster turnaround times.

A business rule engine can help you effortlessly & accurately arrive at key business decisions in a matter of minutes while taking into account varied datasets & parameters, thus resulting in faster turnaround times & higher revenues.

No, at Finflux, we offer a subscription-based solution, & thus you will only pay for the solutions you use & not the entire lending suite.

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