9 Must-Follow Blogs For Microfinance Professionals

by | Mar 14, 2021

Blogs are a medium that brings forth a variety of thoughts about a topic to the reader. To know the depth of any topic, you need to know every point about it.

Micro Financing, though ignored in the realm of the financial world, has its share of critics. There are thousands of words against Microfinance business and its actual impact on society.  On the other hand, some real practitioners and organizations are working hard to eliminate economic backwardness by providing financial aid and establishing financial inclusion.

Here are the top 9 blogs that we have curated that every Microfinance enthusiast/professional should follow.  The blogs present a unique perspective on micro-financing and help you know the topic further.

Consultation Group to Assist the poor: the blog discusses the benefits and challenges faced by microfinance.  It focuses on issues that happen due to microfinance tools.   It provides a complete forum to learn about microfinancing initiatives. The writers share their expertise on the nuances of microfinance.
The blog also brings forth different opinions that can help readers’ know-how to improvise the industry.

Link: https://centerforfinancialinclusionblog.wordpress.com/

Nicholas D Kristof: The top favorite blog for all the readers of The New York Times. The blog discusses many world problems that microfinance addresses. It may not directly talk about microfinance but includes many other financial issues that the world has to manage due to financial backwardness and the hunger for education.

Link: https://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/

Grameen foundation blog: The blog discusses the steps that will help in creating a world without poverty. It showcases thoughts and feelings from the organisation’s volunteers in the field. It has many blogs written by different people to write down their experience in the micro-financing world.

Link: https://grameenfoundation.wordpress.com/

Wall street journal’s India real-time: The blog is not only about poverty eradication or the aspects of microfinancing but provides knowledge about India’s daily life and economic growth. It also comments on the criticism faced by the Indian microfinance industry.

Link: https://www.wsj.com/news/types/asia-news

Center for financial inclusion : The blog from ACCION international covers and comments on the various ventures under progress in the microfinance world. It also shows light on the various methods adopted by microfinance institutes to promote financial inclusion.

Link: https://centerforfinancialinclusionblog.wordpress.com/

Defeat Poverty: It is a review account of all the available books in the field of microfinance and its development. It also discusses the issues related to the process of poverty eradication.

Link: https://defeatpoverty.com/

India Microfinance: The blog throws light on the triumphs of the microfinance industry. It brings forth all the tools used in the microfinance industry and keeps a note of all the topics where writers write their views (Pro and against) microfinance. It showcases both sides of the issue faced by microfinance.

Link: https://moneymint.com/

MF transparency: As the name suggests, Microfinance transparency establishes transparency between the reader and the MFIs. It showcases all the issues faced by profit and nonprofit microfinance organisations and all the resources and information that are necessary to clarify things between readers and MFIs.

Link: https://www.mftransparency.org/category/mftransparency-blog/

All the blogs and news sites can help you understand the topics necessary to understand Microfinance and its inner workings correctly. Microfinance is a broad topic that needs to be understood to get the best out of it. Reading blogs could help you clarify all the doubts you may have about microfinance.

Image CreditJoanna Kosinska on Unsplash