Ten Years of Finflux

Thank you letter to customers


Thank You for the partnership

Every loan has a story; every loan has a dream.

  • For Sunita, it is shiksha (education) loan for her daughter.
  • For Vimala, it is vyapar vridhi (business expansion) loan to open her second store.
  • For Gita, it is sona (gold) loan for her daughter’s wedding.
  • For Ramesh, it is an aapatkaaleen (emergency) loan for his wife’s heart surgery.
  • For Vijay, it is vaahan (vehicle) loan to buy a bike for his courier franchise business.

You get the drift….. Every loan has a story; every loan has a dream. It is this dream that binds our organisations together.

On this eve of Finflux’s 10th anniversary, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are privileged to partner with you.

Vishwas,Ashok and I founded Finflux a decade ago with an ambitious vision to build a society where everyone has equitable access to financial services. From the humble beginnings of helping customers like you build custom financial applications, we have come a long way. Today, Finflux has become a force to reckon with more than 60 clients using our technology to service 6+ million consumers worldwide.

We could not have established this strong foundation without you. As your partner, we invested the last decade in finding the product-market fit, transitioning the business model to subscription revenues, and learning from our experiments. We are on a bold mission to offer a wide range of affordable, simple to use financial technology products that enable financial institutions to serve 100 million customers.

The only way we have a chance to achieve this mission is by listening to you. Please forgive us for our mistakes, criticise us for our failures but always lend us your wisdom for improvement.

The next decade will be about getting closer to our mission. Our impact on this world will be measured by how many lives our products touch.

Again, thank you for being part of this journey; it may be year 10, but it is still Day 1 for Finflux. I will look forward to our continued partnership and moving closer to our mission with you.

at your service
Nayan Ambali

Finflux Lending Cloud

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