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Finflux Loan Origination Software

Finflux loan origination has a rich set of modules for multi-channel sourcing. Finflux LOS supports all activities that occur before fund disbursement. It involves customization to suit your needs depending on the credit products you offer.

The various stages of loan origination can be automated with finflux workflows. We offer robust dedupe, fraud checks, underwriting, tiered approvals, electronic signature, mandates for future collections, and several means to fund the loan instantly. It is enriched with a curated partner ecosystem for identity checks (KYC) to API-enabled bank transfers.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-channel sourcing - Web portal, Mobility, DSA/bulk imports, CRM
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Ready-to-go integration with marketplace
  • Design your own workflows from sourcing to disbursement
  • Inbox and task lists offer case & TAT management for back office
  • Rapid development & implementation
  • Built-in Rules Engine for underwriting
  • Dashboards for monitor sales volumes, trends
  • Reduced human errors and repetitive tasks
  • SMS/Email alerts at each application stage to reduce customer anxiety
  • Document Management and go paperless
  • Audit trail of all activities and modification on the loan application
  • Roll your own LOS or solutions for the market with our API stack

Finflux Loan Origination Software

Features available in Finflux LOS?

  • Verification and validation of data inputs
  • ID verification & fraud checks
  • Internal dedupe algorithm
  • Applicant, Co-applicant, Guarantor Module
  • Cashflow templates
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Workflow & Product configurator
  • Process Orchestrator: Hubex
  • Promo/Pre-approval/EMI Pack configurator
  • Collateral/Pledge Module
  • Document Management & Tagging
  • Dynamic forms, prints, and e-sign
  • Data enrichment with surveys and ad-hoc tables
  • Multi-level maker-checker framework
  • Seamless sync between platform and mobility
  • Offline data management
  • Device security management


Microfinance/Grameen style group-lending where sourcing is a very field-intensive activity, and offline capabilities are crucial.

SME Lending

SME lending where preapprovals, due diligence is the main focus to conversion

Digital Lending

Digital lending where products go through dynamic changes with competition

Payday Loans

Payday loans and short-term personal loans where TAT is paramount & repeat loans.

Secure Lending

Secure lending and revolving credit where LOS plays a heavy-lifting in limits, exposure, and improving risk.

Student Loans

Student loans where data is minimal, and Future Earning Potential (FEP) determines eligibility.

Informal Loans

Gig economy, MSME loans where informal lending happens for thin-file customers

App-Based Loans

Expose customer self-service apps to the IOS App Store or Google Play

Custom Loans

Many other loan products and categories based on customer business model

Frequently Asked Questions About LOS

Can we use Loan Origination Software only from Finflux and book the loan elsewhere?

Yes, you can. We'll enable disbursement notes or bulk export or preferably API based integration with your growth capital partner.

Do you have geo-tagging of customer addresses?

Yes, we do. We can geo-reference home, work, centers/branches, meetings, and sourcing boundaries.

We have our own Scoring Module; can we still use your Loan Origination Software features?

Absolutely. Your secret sauce can remain where it is. You can only expose the final score or rule for decision-making.

We have a third-party CRM and would like to integrate with your Loan Origination Software for seamless customer management.

Either you can accomplish this yourself with the BFSI implementation partners, or we can help. The answer is a resounding yes.

We need multiple workflows based on the credit products or consumer type?

Quite possible to have multiple workflows enabled.

Do you have a field-force app?

We have a field-force app for MFI business. We encourage you to develop consumer-facing apps with our APIs. We're developer-friendly.

Most of our sourcing happens through a qualified vendor or DSA network. How do we process in that case?

We can enable bulk client imports to reduce your data entry and validations upon that.

We do Business correspondent with partner banks that require multiple process handoffs. Is that possible to develop?

We have an industry-best Business Correspondent (BC) process; please talk to us for further details. For both banks to manage the BC's and Financial Institutes to adapt to the operations.

We need to monitor TAT and escalation thresholds for better productivity.

Finflux Loan Origination Software has TAT management and escalation thresholds that can be configured. Tasks and workflow metrics will come in handy in managing the back office.

Do we need a separate MDM solution?

We prefer you do that if you have a lot of mobile devices offered to your sales force. We have foolproof device auth, but that is not a full-fledged MDM.

We only want to perform soft-disbursement, and we would like to do the funding on our own?

Yes, we will support your needs as you desire. You can do so and move the loan application to LMS for servicing. Real money can flow in other platforms or fintech enablement.

We've our own web-based origination. Can you integrate?

Certainly, we can use APIs to capture the inquiries from prospects and put them instantly in origination flow.

Do you have a penny drop facility?

Yes, we do. Please talk to our consultants for further information.

Our key ask is Straight Through Processing (origination to disbursement). Only exceptions should be pended.

This is what we do, and We do it well. We'll help you with maximum automation based on your resource optimization and risk appetite.

Origination is all about data quality to us. Can you offer any thoughts?

We agree. Finflux Loan Origination Software has UI-level validations at fields, data types, boundary conditions like age, reduce data entry error with drop-downs, etc. You would be able to customize and take the Loan Origination Software to near 0% human errors with few iterations.

We have a unique customer journey defined for our potential borrowers. Can you help realize that into your Loan Origination Software?

Perfect, we have been doing that for many fintechs. We will match all the API needs and workflow constructs for you. Please talk to us.

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