Finflux Cloud - Ledger

Manage your portfolio exposure


Real-time generation of trial balance, balance sheets and income statements

Auto and manual journal creation

Automated or Manual journal entry creation for all transactions includes voucher management

Multiple Ledger types

Create General ledger, sub-ledger with multiple cost codes and business units

Export and 3rd party app integrations

Export of entries or accounting events to any third-party accounting/reporting

Co-lending support

Shadow ledger / off-balance sheet to support co-lending and funding arrangements

Backtracking to Loan Management System

Process chain and backtracking to LMS entries and audit trails

Risk Provisioning per product and auto entries for NPA / Par Buckets


Standard chart of accounts that is extensible with overdue a/c (full-size GLs)

First Loan Default Guarantee (FLDG) support

Fine-tuned FLDG mechanism out of the box

Integrated accounting rules

Integrated accounting rules and validation ensures integrity and accuracy

Finflux Lending Cloud

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