Finflux Cloud - Collect

Loan Collections Made Easy

Mobile Collections

Mobile app for collection app for agents and in-app collection enablement for digital loans.

Automated Reminders

SMS, Email alerts for repayments, funding the bank account, and EMI reminders.

Diverse collection options

Automated payment and reconciliation, including cash and bank process, NACH, eNACH, direct payment, UPI, and cash collections.

Electronic Receipts

e-Receipt generation, numbering and printing offsite.

Network Collections

Agents banking for network collections.

Recovery platform integration

Data feeds to legal recovery platforms and for OD collection.

Multiple Collection Options

Choose between ‘Group collection’ for microfinance or ‘Individual collection’ for other loan types.


Several automation features across journal entries, part payment and foreclosures.


Ready to use reports on aging, PAR, demand vs collections, productivity, FLDG automation and settlement.

Finflux Lending Cloud

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