MoneyOnClick Appoints Finflux Lending Technology Partner for Accelerating Financial Services

MoneyOnClick Mar 09, 2021

BENGALURU — March 9, 2021 —  Finflux today announced it has been selected by MoneyOnClick (owned by Wortgage Technologies Pvt Ltd),  building India’s largest financial services brand for the 500 Mn lower-middle-income customers, to serve as the loan management platform provider.

Finflux will coordinate technology and integrated Finflux lending platform for each of the MoneyOnClicks lending products with a focus on translating technology platform into growth and scaling engine that will drive sustained growth. Responsibilities will primarily include loan management system, collections and MoC’s specific developments.

Finflux’s CEO Nayan Ambali said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with the team at MoneyOnClick because they understand the critical role that technology plays in keeping financial institutions at the forefront of customer service and connected to their consumers’ evolving needs. I’m personally looking forward to working with our technology and design teams to grow and establish MoneyOnClick to serve 500 Mn lower-middle-income customers in 4000+ small cities (which MoneyOnCLick term as “India 4”).

About MoneyOnClick (owned by Wortgage Technologies Pvt Ltd)

MoneyOnClick is building India’s largest financial services brand for the 500 Mn lower middle-income customers in 4000+ small cities (which they term as “India 4”). This customer segment has very little penetration of formal loans, insurance or saving products as existing financial service players see this segment as risky and non-profitable. They have created custom lending, insurance and saving products that are tailor-made to serve the needs of India4 customers.

To reach these customers at low CAC, they have built a proprietary tech-enabled offline-to-online social distribution channel where they have onboarded thousands of financially literate free-lancers such as LIC agents and junior financial sector employees in 1000+ cities. A fully automated social partner app is available in 8 Indian languages and helps us manage these partners remotely without any physical presence.

The general perception is that this customer segment is highly risky and non-lendable. They are happy to share that we have been able to maintain near 0% default rates despite COVID19. Their proprietary ML-based family underwriting where they evaluate the P&L of the family and give a joint liability family loan has helped us maintain these low default rates.

They have raised $4.25 Mn seed round from some of the top VCs such as Kalaari Capital, Picus Capital, 3one4 Capital and Orios Ventures.

About Finflux

Finflux is a cloud lending platform to accelerate lending business transformation. Our vision is to create affordable and equitable financial access to individuals and businesses around the world. Finflux cloud includes a comprehensive suite of products that help manage the entire loan lifecycle. Our product offering provides loan origination, loan management, financial accounting, marketplace integration, app-based lending, alternative data-based credit scoring, reporting and analytics. For more information, visit

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