Finflux Cloud - Underwrite

Lending decisions made smarter and faster

Rules Builder

Create rules that feed into ‘Business Rules Engine’ including alternate scoring models with Finflux rules builder

Automated Credit Appraisals

Deploy criteria checks, scorecards and credit appraisal memo’s in workflows.

Risk Analytics and third-party integrations

Enrich customer data and risk analysis through in-house, third-party fintech and agencies to aid best underwriting and decision-making

Monitor/measure portfolio risks

Design credit risk strategy and monitor/measure portfolio risks in real-time, E.g. Identify first-time defaulters.

Deploy Policies

Enrich customer data with third-party integrations, including leading fintechs and agencies.

Regulatory Reporting

Predefined reports for regulatory reporting and feeds to analytical engines/data warehouse for policy-making and fine-tuning.

Finflux Lending Cloud

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